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Donate and support people seeking asylum, and refugees, that are living in West Lancashire

Click here to download the current donations needed list

If you are visiting this page because you want to find out how to support people seeking asylum and refugees, all of whom live locally, then welcome.

We need food, clothing, toiletries, mobile phones and chargers to support our members. Your donations will help us feed, clothe and communicate with people seeking asylum, and refugees, living in Skelmersdale and across West Lancashire.

Current donations needed : download the picture or pdf file below

We need your donations to help people seeking asylum, and refugees, all of whom live in West Lancashire

Click below to download our current food and clothing list.

The Ask Club at the Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre supports asylum seekers and refugees from war torn and famine struck countries around the world, and will do so long after the news has moved on.

We can only do this with your support. Skelmersdale is home to around 100 men, women and children here to to seek asylum or live as refugees.

People seeking asylum, can wait many months and even years for a decision granting them leave to remain as refugees. Despite the number of people claiming asylum having fallen by half in twenty years, the waiting time to be processed has risen nine fold.

The living allowance for people seeking asylum is 40% of Universal Credit and 73% below the recognised poverty level. The current Section 95 NASS living allowance is £39.63 per person, per week.

This means people waiting for an asylum decision will live in extreme poverty, suffering from poor nutrition, and social exclusion.

The Ask Club is a weekly drop-in session for local living people seeking asylum and refugees. We need you food and clothing donations, so they can live with dignity and not live in constant food emergency and poverty.

Please note that our facilities for storage, sorting and distribution of food and clothing donations are very limited. You will save us a ton of time and space if you wash/ clean, pre sort, and label bags. We can then distribute your donations more quickly and efficiently.


Food donations must be items on the list below. Baked beans, tins of soup, packet pasta etc are, in this instance, not helpful.

tins of fish in oil
bags of rice
tins of tomatoes
bags of onions
bags of flour
bags of sugar
cartons of long life milk
bags of apples
bags of oranges
bottles of cooking oil

instant coffee


Unlocked mobile phones and chargers.  Working Laptops with chargers.  Phone and data credit vouchers


shower gel
bath towels
toilet paper
shaving gel/ foam
hair brushes
women’s sanitary towels


Your clothing donations must be washed, sorted by type, size and sex. Quality not quantity is our priority. Remember, winter is coming.

October to November 2021 Clothing needs:

Men’s trainers and walking boots (sizes UK 8-10/ EU 41-45)
Men’s new boxer shorts, socks,
Men’s waterproof coats and jackets

Your donations can be dropped off Monday afternoons 12pm to 3pm inside the Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre, Northway, WN8 6LU

Alternatively, please contact me to arrange for your donations to be collected from you.

The Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Charity Number 1184507