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Shopping on Section 95

It is difficult to feed yourself, clothe yourself, stay in contact with your friends and family, and socialise while living only on an asylum support allowance Section 95 NASS.

Below are ideas on how you can try and make the Section 95 NASS allowance last the week?

Each Monday afternoon 12pm to 4pm, at The Ask Club – Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre, you can receive some free food to take home.

Buying food cheaply.

The cheapest food shops include Lidl, Aldi, Farmfoods, and Home Bargains.

Look out for discount voucher leaflets, and discounts on phone apps.




Home bargains

Food must be sold before the “sell by date”. After this date, the food is still safe. Eat food before the “use by date”.

Many food shops add a yellow sticker to the packet, with a reduced price when the product needs to be sold quickly.

Please remember that you are not alone, many hundreds of thousands of people in the UK live in “food poverty”.

Getting free food from a food bank

You are entitled to use the local “food banks”. There are two types of food banks. The first requires a voucher, the second does not require a voucher.

Unfortunately, many poor British people do not know how to cook using basic ingredients. Much of the food available from the foodbank is ready made and put in tins and packets. The food is often for a British diet.

However, you can request a vegetarian or halal food bag.

I have made short videos introducing examples of types of food that you might receive from a foodbank.

Watch the video play list “Foreign foods – trying new foods in the UK

Rice, beans, peas, will often be pre-cooked in a tin or packet. Canned vegetables are a good supplement when fresh vegetables are not available. Frozen vegetables are as nutritious as many fresh vegetables you can buy.

Canned fruit is a very good way of getting good vitamins. Canned fruit is very cheap and will not rot like fresh fruit.

Voucher foodbanks in Skelmersdale

There are three voucher food banks in Skelmersdale.

Anyone who needs to use a food bank must first request a voucher. Please contact me if you want a voucher. You can only use a voucher food bank

No voucher food banks in Skelmersdale

  • Evermoor Hub, Ennerdale, Digmoor, WN8 9HR. Telephone: 01695 727483

Finding cheap clothes

British people love to shop and find bargains. The nearby towns of Kirkby and Ormksirk have many “charity shops”.


Oxfam charity shop front photo
The Childrens Society shop front photo
British Heart Foundation charity shop front photo
Cancer Research shop front photo

Charity shops collect donations from people who give away their clothes, footwear, furniture and kitchenware to be sold by a charity. The money raised is used by charities to support their good causes, rather than make profits for shareholders.

You can find good quality, used, cheap items in charity shops.

The Ask Club

Each Monday, The Ask Club – Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre will make available free food and used clothes for you to take home.

The Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Charity Number 1184507

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