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The ASK Club Privacy Policy

Our aim is to provide a safe space for you. If you have questions, require information, or would like us to advocate on your behalf with your GP, NHS, Migrant Help, the Emergency Services etc, then we may need to gather your personal information.

We use your personal information to deliver our services to you as best as we can. We use your personal information to help you access public services and to ensure you receive the help to which you are legally entitled.

We do not sell your information. We keep your information secure. If you want us to delete your personal information, that is your legal right and we will comply with your request.

We have drafted a privacy policy using a template from the Information Commissioners Office.

English, Arabic, and Persian language versions are available on this page for you to download and read.

The Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Charity Number 1184507

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