The Ask Club Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre

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The Ask Club is a safe space for you. مساحة آمنة لك. ለእርስዎ አስተማማኝ ቦታ ፡፡ یک فضای امن برای شما. Meel amaan kuu ah adiga. Sizin için güvenli bir alan. Aaye ailewu fun ọ. Un espace sécurisé pour vous. Um espaço seguro para você. آپ کے لئے ایک محفوظ جگہ۔

The ASK Club is a safe space for you.

Every Monday 12pm to 4pm
A safe space for you
Adults, families, and teenagers are all welcome. Kids under 12 years old should be accompanied by their parent or adult carer.

Monday afternoons 12pm-4pm. الاثنين بعد الظهر من الساعة 12 ظهرًا حتى 4 مساءً. ከሰኞ ከሰዓት በኋላ ከ 12.00 እስከ 16.00. بعدازظهرهای دوشنبه 12.00 تا 16.00. Awọn aarọ Ọjọ ọsan 12.00 si 16.00. Lundi après-midi de 12h00 à 16h00. ਸੋਮਵਾਰ ਦੁਪਹਿਰ 12.00 ਤੋਂ 16.00 ਵਜੇ ਤੱਕ. دوشنبه ماسپخین له 12.00 څخه تر 16.00

The Ask Club is a safe, friendly space for you.
• Friendly conversation
Free WIFI & refreshments
• Get health & welfare information • Receive legal information
• Play Pool, Table Football & Ping-Pong • Learn to play Backgammon & Chess

The Ecumenical Centre, Northway, Skelmersdale, WN8 6LU

Map Location of the Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre
Map Location of the Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre

Contact email:
Telephone/ WhatsApp: Matthew 07974 574145

The Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Charity Number 1184507